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A traditional, dry cider, Station 8 features a mix of Golden Russet and Pomme Gris apples fermented with a Belgian Saison yeast to produce an easy drinking cider with a nice balance between tannins and acids and flavor notes of pink grapefruit, melon, and peach. The Clear Fork Cidery started across the street from Denver Fire Department Station Eight, once known as the Marion Hose House. We named this blend of Colorado cider apples in honor of the Station.

Dry. 6.5% ABV.




This limited release cider is made exclusively from the Russian Imperial Dolgo crabapple, aged for 5 months in stainless steel, and very lightly sweetened to create a powerful, tart cider for those who like their cider boldly sharp. Think Granny Smith on steroids and you’ll be close. Puckery.

Semi-Dry. 6.7% ABV.



Oak Barrel Blend features apples from the Arriola and Lewis, Colorado, from the XK Bar Ejido orchard in Crawford, Colorado, and an old orchard in Lakewood, Colorado, as well as apples from the Ford Farm in Portland, OR. The blend includes Stayman Winesap, Jonathan, Wealthy, Macintosh, Dabinett, Sweet Coppin, Geeveston Fancy and seedlings collected in Crawford and Lewis. After fermentation with English Cider Yeast, the cider was racked to used French and California Oak Barrels and aged for five months. The cider is both earthy and smooth, with subtle tastes of tobacco and cherries.

Dry. 6.9% ABV.




The Bitter End is a small batch, medium bitter blend, and is available only through our tasting room. It leans to the bitter side, but not dramatically so, and has a mild astringency similar to Oak Barrel blend but without any underlying oakiness.

Dry. 6.9% ABV.



More unusual than bitter, this cider from the Colorado Plateau is made from three apples grown on the Pitts’ Family Farm in Arriola, CO. One is thought to be a Stayman Winesap, the other two are feral seedlings. After aging in stainless steel for six months, the cider becomes mildly bitter, with notes of fennel and anise and a distinctive finish.

Dry, 6.8% ABV.